New Horizons will be in full swing this FALL!  See attachments for full details. 

It has been great this past year seeing NH members rejoining classes and seeing numbers increasing for our social events.
Our purpose is to provide an enjoyable and collaborative social outlet for our members.
Your board is pleased that we can once again support activities at pre-pandemic levels.
Come out to our Meet and Greet on September 21st, sign up for courses and consider where you can offer your talents.
NH is a versatile and welcoming space to all members 50+.
Bring your enthusiasm…let’s connect!

The Board of New Horizons

The 2023 Hornby Island Telephone Directory, A great way to connect with the community.
Pick up your copy while they last!
Available at the Co-op Post Office and Ford’s Cove.  Only $10.00.
Fundraiser for New Horizons.